Sean Mason is an American musician, composer, and bandleader. As a versatile artist, Sean Mason interweaves through genres and styles but will always leave his audience with a recognizable footprint of the crudest form of himself. Most importantly, Sean Mason is obsessed with the preservation of America’s own art form, jazz, as well as the preservation of the democratic principles that allow jazz to be jazz. As a living example of these principles, Sean Mason is determined to inspire and cultivate the realization of the self across all barriers of the human race. Sean Mason realizes the potential of music to provoke unity, transform lives, and communicate love, and he will always incorporate those values in his performances. When you witness Sean Mason perform, you will experience love.


Sean Mason was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Through being raised in a southern, black Christian Church, Sean began to sing in the church choir at a very early age and continued to do so up until his teens. Aside from his involvement in musical church activities, he was also very involved in other art disciplines throughout his schooling years, such as theatre, dance, and art. At age 13, Sean began to teach himself how to play the piano, and after fumbling with the trombone, the drums, and the vibraphone, he decided to stick mainly with the piano, and to get serious about music. In those teenage years, Sean was interested in a variety of different genres of music, ranging from jazz, to classical, to rock, and everything in between, but spent most of his high school years performing jazz, pop, and gospel music. After graduating high school, Sean went on to attend The University of North Carolina at Greensboro for two years. He is now residing in New York City and is continuing his studies at The Juilliard School.